The complete classroom management program for today's teachers.


Aberdeen, ID
Abilene, KS
Alameda, CA
Alpharetta, GA
Alta Loma, CA
Altamont, KS
Altearas, CA
Americus, GA
Atlanta, GA
Auburn, WA
Battle Creek, MI
Beaverton, OR
Belleview, FL
Bellingham, WA
Beloit, KS
Bethel, WA
Belton, MO
Bereford, SD
Boise, ID
Bothell, WA
Bremerton, WA
Bridgeport, WA
Brunswick, GA
Calhoun, GA
Carlton, MN
Chico, CA
Camas, WA

and many more!

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Now, YOU can teach without ...

  • Disruption
  • Off-Task Behavior
  • Ignored Warnings
  • Confrontations
  • Claims of Mistreatment
  • Wasted Teaching Time
  • Stress

      Takes little time to learn and teach

      Teaches students how to resolve quickly and responsibly inappropriate behavior without verbal intervention

      Creates a learning environment where students choose to self-correct and regulate their own behavior

      Achieves immediate and lasting results without loss of teaching time

      Maintains the highest level of attention and cooperation without focusing on disciplining

      Develops a sense of community where everyone is treated with courtesy and respect, regardless of their behavior

      Relieves the teacher of the clerical duties associated with the disciplinary process

      Removes student confrontations and claims of unfairness

      Adapts to all grades and subjects, including music and P.E.

      Works with challenging behaviors without disrupting others or compromising classroom expectations

      Transfers effectively for substitute teachers

    100% Satisfaction Record!

The complete classroom management program for today's teachers.

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