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Aberdeen, ID
Abilene, KS
Alameda, CA
Alpharetta, GA
Alta Loma, CA
Altamont, KS
Altearas, CA
Americus, GA
Atlanta, GA
Auburn, WA
Battle Creek, MI
Beaverton, OR
Belleview, FL
Bellingham, WA
Beloit, KS
Bethel, WA
Belton, MO
Bereford, SD
Boise, ID
Bothell, WA
Bremerton, WA
Bridgeport, WA
Brunswick, GA
Calhoun, GA
Carlton, MN
Chico, CA
Camas, WA

and many more!

Complete List

I have discontinued paperback copies of my book and converted it into an eBook. Since there aren't any publishing fees or shipping costs, the book's price has been reduced from $41.95 to $9.99. When you purchase the book, it comes with three items:

  1. A PDF version of the eBook
  2. An EPUB version of the eBook (good for most mobile e-readers like the iPad etc.)
  3. A Microsoft Word document containing the customizable Conducting Conduct forms to suit your teaching program.

You can purchase the book on starting on December 19, 2011. I am selling it on this site because they can deliver my digital book safely while also preventing piracy. Please click the link to purchase the book.

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