The complete classroom management program for today's teachers.


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Learn several disciplinary strategies to use on students.

Learn CC's four-dimensional discipline program to teach to students.

At the beginning of the school year, explain classroom rules, rewards, and consequences. 

Teach CC and classroom expectations through daily oral conduct (DOC) lessons.

Gain cooperation with corrective words.

Teach students how to self-correct with silent signals and no verbal intervention.

If corrective words fail, stop teaching, confront, and issue a consequence.

Teach the CC process that allows teaching to continue when students ignore warnings.

For repeated misconduct, try more severe punishments or more attractive incentives.

Teach the CC four-level resolution plan for repeated misbehavior.

Manage clerical duties related to the disciplinary process.

Teach students to manage all routine tasks (SMART) related to the disciplinary process.



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