The complete classroom management program for today's teachers.


Aberdeen, ID
Abilene, KS
Alameda, CA
Alpharetta, GA
Alta Loma, CA
Altamont, KS
Altearas, CA
Americus, GA
Atlanta, GA
Auburn, WA
Battle Creek, MI
Beaverton, OR
Belleview, FL
Bellingham, WA
Beloit, KS
Bethel, WA
Belton, MO
Bereford, SD
Boise, ID
Bothell, WA
Bremerton, WA
Bridgeport, WA
Brunswick, GA
Calhoun, GA
Carlton, MN
Chico, CA
Camas, WA

and many more!

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Teachers may now receive presentations, seminars, or workshops on Conducting ConductTM. Just call 253.858.2993 or email for information and price quotes for your school.

INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION -  A one-hour overview to help teachers understand the principles and application of Conducting ConductTM in the classroom. Also helps teachers decide if they would like to receive a seminar or workshop.


SEMINAR - A three-hour presentation and lesson on the principles and application of Conducting ConductTM. Includes handouts to assist in learning and using.


WORKSHOP - A six-hour course with hands-on training to prepare the teacher for immediate use. Includes ready-to-use forms and handouts to assist in learning and using. Qualifies for credit or clock hours.


CONSULTATION - Specialized help for administrators and teachers.



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