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"Thank you for your fine presentation at our convention [50th Annual American School Band Directors Association convention in Duluth, MN]. Conducting ConductTM is a wonderful contribution to music education for classroom management. You have presented a very concise and fair system for teachers, students and administrators to monitor and improve behavior."

Al Johnston, President, American School Band Directors Association

"I am impressed with the content and the philosophy of Conducting ConductTM for I find that it incorporates the best research we currently have on disciplining children with a unique way to remove the teacher's negative voice from the classroom. Your technique for acknowledging and dealing with off task behavior while the teacher and the class continue to focus on instruction is innovative and worth exploring by staff at any grade level."

David B. Lantz, Elementary Principal, Tacoma, WA

"Your concepts have totally changed my philosophy of classroom management. I always knew that middle school students didn't respond to 'harping' about their behavior, but what can I do instead? Your system provides the tools to take actions that are respectful, appropriate and effective."

Randy McCartney, Middle School Teacher, Olympia, WA

"I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed using the Conducting Conduct
TM system in my classes . . . . In the past when a student was disruptive, I would lose my concentration and a lot of attention was directed at that student. Now, however, disruptive students have a consequence without the reinforcement of negative attention and I get the added bonus of being able to keep my thoughts on the lesson."

Kimberlei C. Rawson, Elementary/Middle School Teacher, Stanwood, WA

"I started using your system the day I learned it. The results were immediate, dramatic, and very pleasant. But the best part is they were lasting results . . . . It has been a year now and I still smile when I think of how much using Conducting Conduct
TM has improved the way my students and I feel. If you are familiar with Eric Berne's transactional analysis, you know this system takes the games out of behavior management."

Larry Lewien, Middle School Teacher, Auburn, WA

". . . your observations in my classroom and the training that you provided through Conducting Conduct
TM have changed the way that I manage my classes. For that I am most grateful. Never have I had the opportunity to work with such an effective system and such a competent instructor. . . .You have offered me an opportunity to interact with students and send only two messages: that I am in this business to teach, and that in my room learning is the goal. All of this has been accomplished in a spirit of fondness and respect through Conducting ConductTM."

Amy Rolleri, Middle/High School Teacher, Tacoma, WA

"I can see many possibilities for this system with students that have ADHD or are just difficult to work with . . . . The combination of signals and a student-centered discipline plan provides the teacher with an effective method for managing student behaviors while remaining focused on teaching. . . . It is every teacher's dream to be free of disruption and discipline. I compliment you on your efforts."

Dr. Marge Chow, Director of Master In Teaching, City University, Tacoma, WA

"Your presentation [at the WMEA conference] was "top notch" and the responses and questions from your audience were an excellent barometer to gauge their interest in your program. It was something I wish I had when I worked with Middle School and Junior High students many years ago. Congratulations on an excellent presentation . . . ."

Dale Gleason, West Vice-President, Washington Music Educators Association

"I have received numerous positive comments from my faculty as they returned to work today. . . . I was impressed with the program from the beginning, and hearing you describe its elements in person has convinced me that it will work better than any classroom management pedagogy I have ever seen. . . . Your sincerity and warmth and genuine concern for the welfare of kids came through in every sentence you spoke."

Richard S. Board, Junior High School Principal, Vienna, WV

"Your Conducting Conduct
TM sessions attracted the largest crowds of any sessions during the [Georgia Music Educators Association] conference. Your innovative approach to discipline is greatly needed in our education system today. Thanks for developing a [classroom management] system that can be effectively used by all educators."

Leigh Brock, First Vice-President, Georgia Music Educators Association

"The attendance at your sessions was quite large and many attendees commented on the timeliness and practicality of the material. In fact, many [teacher's at the GMEA conference] stated that they intended to use your methods in their own classes. I would be most happy to recommend you and your presentations to anyone or any organization sponsoring an event . . . ."

Cecil Wilder, Executive Director, Georgia Music Educators Association

"I am writing to affirm the effectiveness of his [Doug Sorensen's] presentation, in both content and delivery. . . . All the [200] teachers have reduced the time they spend talking about discipline and repeating rules. The system seems easy to implement. . . . I recommend Doug Sorensen as a presenter for a faculty professional day you may be planning."

Dr. Judith M. Hiles, Director of Curriculum, Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, Atlanta, GA

". . . since I've been using Conducting Conduct
TM in my classroom, my teaching effectiveness and efficiency have increased tremendously. This simple method of management has done for me what other popular management methods could not provide: success. I feel that Conducting ConductTM may be the best kept secret in education."

Steve DePuydt, Elementary Music Teacher, Tacoma, WA

"Thank you for creating a wonderful new option for classroom management! I also substitute teach in the mornings. I teach all my classes the 'stop' signal. It's fantastic."

Ms. Donna Hollon, Elementary Teacher, Port Orchard, WA



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