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"I wish all my teachers would use signals instead scolding or yelling at us. You will never hear Mrs. Adams talking to students about their behavior. She hardly looks at us when she signals for us to behave. Neither Mrs. Adams nor the students are allowed to talk when signaled. We already know what happens if we continue to misbehave or talk back."

Jon Evans, 8th grade

"I felt kind of dumb at first when Mr. Howard taught us his silent disciplining method that uses signals instead of words, but now everyone knows and follows the signals, so its no big deal. We sometimes jokingly signal a warning to Mr. Howard when he forgets and says something instead of signaling."

Susan Jones, 5th grade

"I couldn't believe it when Mr. Simmons said he would never use his voice for disciplining us. In fact, he said that he would bring a treat for the entire class if he ever did. He forgot once and brought us yummy donuts the next day. . . . If we talk when signaled, we are issued a brief time-out. Only a couple of kids have received time-outs."

Samantha White, 6th grade

"There are two really mean boys in my math class, but Mr. Johnson treats them the same as everyone else. They don't talk back to him like they do to my science teacher. Mr. Johnson just shows them the warning sign and they for whatever reason behave. But in my science class, the teacher tries to tell them to behave, but it doesn't work; they just talk back and the class laughs as he gets more upset."

Johanna James, 9th grade

"I like Ms. Anderson. She never yells or is mean. Sometimes she signals for us to be good, but that's all."

Billy Edwards, 2nd grade

"I am going to be a teacher like Mr. Thompson some day. Everybody likes him and tries to be good, even the boy who is always in trouble for talking. He doesn't talk or look mean at us; he just shows us a sign with his hand that tells us to watch him and be quiet. Sometimes he uses a sign that tells us we will have a time-out if we don't behave, but it only happened to me once."

Bobby Allyn, 4th grade

"Most teachers try to make you feel bad when you do something wrong, but Ms. Schmidt never embarrasses us or even talks to us about our behavior unless we choose to talk with her later. She uses hand signs to bring us to order and sometimes to send us for a time-out. Its nice to be in a class where you don't have to worry about being picked on or embarrassed by the teacher."

John Stillman, 7th grade

"Band is my favorite class because Mr. Phillips never stops and lectures us on our behavior. We just follow his hand signals the same way we follow his musical cues."

Garrett Simpson, 6th grade


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